Monday, April 25, 2005

Corny poker jokes

This one came out at our game this weekend; really more of a number joke than a poker joke, but having an 8 on the board will provide a nice visual (especially helpful for those players who have been imbibing fermented beverages):

What did the 0 say to the 8?

Nice belt. [rimshot]

If you have others, send them my way...I need more help distracting people while I play terrible, terrible hands for no explicable reason. Oy.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

They have a POOL!

An old friend's blog turned me on to Google Maps, and I haven't decided if satellite imagery on demand is one of the coolest things I have found recently on the internet, or one of the creepiest. Either way, it is a LOT of fun!

I put in my old childhood address, and it turns out that whoever lives there now has a pool! Good for them; those hot Cleveland nights just begged for a pool, somewhere to sit and relax and watch the sun go down, the industrial wastes in the sky turning amazing shades of orange and that's why I have asthma!

Friday, April 08, 2005

Super Sizing my viewing habits

I watch way too much television. You already know this about me. What you may not know is that I am rarely excited about an upcoming television show due to its premise. I'm normally a stickler for deep characters, well-crafted plots, and believable dialog. That, or The Apprentice.

But an upcoming show is exciting me on premise alone: 30 Days, a new series on FX starring Morgan Spurlock (of Super Size Me fame). I thought his documentary was fantastic, and a must-see for everybody regardless of how you feel about McDonald's. I especially think his movie is a must for anybody who (like me) read and enjoyed Fast Food Nation, by Eric Schlosser. Spurlock's movie covers some of the same ground, but in a much more personal, here's-what-happened-to-me-make-your-own-decisions kind of way. (BTW, if you want a great example of the different styles of the two guys, make sure to watch Spurlock's interview with Schlosser in the DVD's extras; Schlosser never dismounts from his high horse during the interview, and apparently had his sense of humor removed one summer during high school).

One more television show added to the list. Where does the madness end?

Monday, April 04, 2005

"My Man Sean May"

If you doubt the veracity of this, ask my wife. In between rolling her eyes, she will confirm that, since November of last year, I have been saying two things:

  1. North Carolina will win the NCAA tournament this year, AND
  2. It will be on the shoulders of my man, Sean May!
A few minutes ago, both of my predictions came true. And although it wasn't quite enough to vault me into the winner's circle in our brackets pool, I am happy nonetheless. I have been excited about watching May (or "My Man Sean May," as I have called him for two seasons now, although much more this year) throughout the tournament, and there is no question he was the Most Outstanding Player of the tournament. I was also pleased that, as much as was made about my man Sean May's father, dad managed to hide from the cameras and let this be his son's (my man's) one shining moment. Classy.

If only this could have been a Tar Heel/EKU Colonel final matchup, but it wasn't meant to be. Maybe next year.