Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain's VP pick

I may get sued by Parker Bros., but I have a feeling I won't be the last person to make this joke.

In response to a Republican friend's email, extolling the virtues of Sarah Palin, I couldn't resist using Google Image Search along with MS Paint to slap this together:

I have to believe we have heard the last of McCain's attacks on Obama as being "inexperienced."

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Best. Graffiti. Ever


BTW, Cher covered this song in her Vegas show, which we saw at Caesars a couple weeks ago. I thought it was an odd choice among several other odd choices, including "Walking in Memphis." For the "Battlefield" song, they brought out this very elaborate set piece ala Beyond Thunderdome, and her nubile dancers had a "dance off," fighting for Cher's attention and affection. Then they all changed costumes and the set was never seen again. Odd. Reminded me of the bondage dance scene in Showgirls, and that is probably not exactly the sort of association Cher wants us to make.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Going home

Well, the weekend is over, and leaving Las Vegas means coming back to reality. I didn't win ANY money, but my losses were kept to minimum. At the airport, even THIS guy wasn't winning. Sadly, made me feel better.

More importantly, I had a wonderful weekend with my wife and our friends, got to see my brother, ate amazing food, saw an idol in concert, and met Jesus.

Not a bad weekend.

Walk of shame

The view from the MGM as I head back after yet another loss in a poker tournament.

Good picture, bad streak.


Going into this morning, I haven't won a DIME in Vegas. Time to put my coworker's dollar into a slot machine.

Take a wild guess what happened. Three spins, three wins, and ten bucks leaves Vegas...with me...for someone else.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Me & Jesus

Seeing Cher: pretty amazing.

Meeting Chris "Jesus" Ferguson after the show? Completely frak-tastic!

This is one of the shots; on the left of the shot, you can see The Wife snapping more photos on her iPhone. Quite the paparazzi moment.

Chris could not have been more gracious, and this chance meeting made a great trip even better.

Frowned-upon Cher photo

Had tix to see Cher at Caesars. Watching a more-than-half naked 62 year-old woman belt out 40+ years worth of songs? Impressive AND entertaining!

This shot was taken during the opening. Although it appears that Cher is on fire, I am happy to report that is merely the lighting. No Divas were harmed in the taking of this photo.

Quote of the year

"First you take my chips, then you take my life."

- Curtis, after the "tropical" gazpacho incident.

Maybe you had to be there.

Step two

Try something different.

Step one

Play the morning tournament.

Goldilocks says...

...this bed is TOO soft!

Saturday, August 09, 2008


My brother happens to be in Vegas this weekend as well. This is him and Herself at Buzio's, in the Rio.

I promised my Mom he would eat...

Our room

Our oasis from the stink, which only serves to remind us how much WE stink. I love Vegas so much that apparently I always block out my memory of how much cigarette smoke there is, and how you WILL smell like an ashtray about 15 minutes after you land.

Nice room, though.

Peter wins! Almost.

After a highly controversial play that will likely have repercussions for the remainder of the trip, Peter fought back from the brink to take second place. Yours truly saw very few playable cards, but went out on a respectable straight flush draw that didn't pan out. Blurgh.

First tournament...the Luxor

Just bought in to my first poker tournament of the trip; this one goes fast, so lots of all-in action expected. Wish me luck.

The adventure begins!

We are at the airport, ready to go to Las Vegas! Peter brought a chip from last time, so we can hit the ground running.

I'll live post for the rest of the trip; check back often to watch the shenanigans unfold.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

The line...four weeks later...

We're at the mall (blurgh), and I'm in awe that there is STILL a
line. I wonder if Apple is shooting themselves in the foot, rationing
out the iPhones like this?

Will check the stock price on Monday and see.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Things the Coinstar machine decided not to count

Coinstar rejected the following items; the machine and I were both surprised to find these things in my coin jar:

A Hello Kitty keychain fob, a paperclip, a five peseta piece from Spain, a Darth Vader collectible coin from 7-11, and a button.

Just so you know, I've never been to Spain, I am not a thirteen year old girl, and I have no idea when I was last in a 7-11. The mysteries of the coin jar continue to elude me.