Sunday, October 24, 2004

Back to earth

Played poker again this weekend, and my rush has left the building. Got busted out on a desperation all-in; had Ace, Queen of clubs, figured that was about as good as it would get, and got called by a King(d), 4(s). Somehow, he made the King-high straight, and I was out. Yuck.

Still, not a bad night considering the cards I was getting. After I got dealt 8,5 off suit for the eleventh time in one night, I was reminded how much editing goes into televised poker to make what is probably a seven-hour marathon seem like a tight two-hour show (including Dave Foley's witticisms).

Made me feel a little better.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

America...F**k Yeah!

If you are easily offended by stereotypes, un-PC humor, or puppets alternately killing each other, having hot sex, or vomiting uncontrollably, then Team America: World Police is probably not the movie for you. But if you are a little more open minded and can turn off that little voice in your head (the one that is going to constantly remind you that what you are watching is just wrong) for an hour and forty five minutes, I highly recommend this movie. We saw it last night, and my jaw ached afterwards from smiling and laughing the entire time. A fantastic send-up of Hollywood celebrities, big-budget action films, and global politics; what's not to love?

BTW, my wife even came along for the ride. She wasn't thrilled, but she admitted that the fierce Korean panthers were pretty funny!

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Little help?

This screen capture (which neocons would probably claim is doctored) from the first debate seems to show what a lot of us have suspected for a while: Dubya is clearly a puppet, and Karl Rove has really long arms.

Who is seriously voting for this guy?

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Maybe I AM Phil Gordon!

This past weekend saw a weird spike in our poker game; we played both Thursday night after the first Presidential debate (btw, I have to believe that only people who made up their minds about voting for Dubya a LONG time ago could have watched his stuttering, confused performance and not been embarrassed...) and again Saturday night, making for a very short turnaround time between games.

And I think that short turnaround hurt our game. Normally, our weekly game, although set around the chips and cards, is also about getting together, sharing stories from the past week, joking around, etc. However, the lack of time between games meant nothing new to share, and I found myself much more focused on winning than on just having fun (my normal M.O., regardless of all my other talk of money and winning).

Hopefully, if we take a week off and have something to talk about this next time, things will go better. And hopefully, I'll continue to stop making stupid mistakes and WIN, WIN, WIN! :)