Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Heading home

Took this photo on the way home yesterday evening. It would be a better picture if I had a real camera, instead of the five pixel deguerrotype on my iPhone (and that's an insult to deguerrotypes).

Hope everyone has a happy holiday season, and come back soon for my annual wrap up and Esqy awards!


gaby said...

Lovely blurry picture!
I envy your walk home. Although on mine, i do get to see this one designer's storefront with a very surreal tableau involving life-sized HOT PINK deer, bright white fake fur on the ground for snow, and disco balls falling from the sky...
btw you were missed at the court holiday party. There was a video retrospective, with a shoutout to you to the theme of Vader's "Imperial march."

Anonymous said...

I cannot spelldaguett....whatever. I question the court holiday party, which you missed, and the video retrospective? Oh My.