Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Ivory Anniversary

Fourteen years...The Wife has managed to put up with me for over five thousand days as a married couple. Wow. I am truly a lucky man to have found someone willing to do that for so long, so since the traditional anniversary gift is banned by international trade agreements, I thought instead I would share some "then and now" photo fun at my own expense. First up, the big day itself back in 1994:

The fact that she said "I do" to that guy...I still shake my head in wonder to this day. The glasses alone should have scared her off.

Fast forward to four years ago, when we renewed our vows on our tenth anniversary, floating down the "canal" in the Venetian in Las Vegas:

Glasses got smaller, lost some hair on top, gained some on the face. I am both pleased and embarrassed that I managed to lose weight over time. She's still in the same dress...again, maybe someone is bribing her behind the scenes, but I am one lucky dude.

Now, here we are, four years beyond that, and life goes on. I look at that first picture, and I wonder if those kids could even have imagined where they would be in fourteen years. Across the continent, some more initials behind both of their names, the Reverend who married them a new member of the Kentucky State House of Representatives. Again, wow.

We've come a long way, and the fun is just beginning. Hope to see everybody on the Moon in 2014!


J said...

Congrats on your anniversary, guys! You are a cool couple! LOVE that she can still fit in her wedding dress. I hope, on our tenth wedding anniversary, I can do the same. :)

Cathy said...

As a guest at the first, I can vouch for how lovely it was. You both look even better now! I love long running love stories.

brendon said...

Jen, you are too nice...I left cool behind a long time ago.

Cathy, great to hear from you again, and thanks for stopping by!

MOM said...

You are both such beautiful people. I check in here occasionally just to look at the pictures of you! Congratulations on the new house, can't wait to try out the new guest room, pet the kitties and taste a fish taco. Well, maybe not the fish taco. Of course, I could be as wrong about them as I was about the tapas/topless bar in Fort Collins?