Sunday, December 28, 2008

The hunt...begins...

The Wife and I took the next step towards home ownership this weekend, meeting with a mortgage person at our bank, and discussing loans. We have been pre-approved, and are especially pleased with the interest rates right now.

So now, the hunt really begins. We have been told that "inventory" shrinks up in December, and that we can expect to see more on the market in Jan-Feb. Additionally, given what we are seeing on the news, it does not appear that things are going to get better in the immediate future, so I think we have some time to do a thorough search and make sure we're getting what we want.

Today, we went neighborhood shopping. We've lived here for almost a decade, but I will admit there are still entire portions of the City we're unfamiliar with. Today's exploration: Bernal Heights. We liked what we saw, and found a place that had tasty fish tacos to boot. made a good first impression on us.

More as it happens.

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J said...

Exciting time. Congrats!

As for fish tacos...ew.